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Pre-OS / Network Boot PXE, BOOTP, TFTP servers & utils for Windows
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Windows 8 Windows XP
April 15, 2004

About Network Boot Tools

Network Boot Tools offers a pre-OS and network boot management solution that helps business enterprises lower their total cost of ownership of their networks. This product allows network administrators to remotely manage client PCs on their network by allowing them to deploy an array of desktop management tasks in a pre-OS booting environment.

  • Complete package of services and administrator applications required to setup a network booting environment, such as: PXE, BOOTP, and TFTP services, Boot Image Editor, Client boot parameter database editor (BOOTPTAB Editor), DOS-based pre-OS utilities, etc.
  • Compliance with industry standards including Wired for Management (WfM) 2.0, PXE, DHCP, BOOTP, TFTP and NCP/IPX
  • Fully compatible with client-based network boot firmware: 3Com, emBoot and other Managed PC Boot Agents, Intel Boot Agent, emBoot Managed PC Boot Agent, PXE boot ROMs, & Lanworks BootWare

Key Benefits:

  • Works across different subnets.
  • High-performance multi-threaded TFTP Service.
  • Pre-OS Network Booting - In conjunction with bootROMs, Network Boot Tools allows a pre-OS network boot connection to be established. This pre-OS connection enables loading and executing of centrally administered desktop management agents before the local OS is loaded from the hard drive.
  • Increased Enterprise Productivity - Facilitates central control and repair of network clients, reducing administrator “travel time ” to individual PCs, ensuring system availability for end users.
  • Lowered Total Cost of Ownership - The overall effect of saving administrators time, keeping end users productive, and protecting your data is lower IT ownership costs.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility - Network Boot Tools is compatible with today’s most widely used operating systems and client management utilities — for a universal network solution.
  • Streamlined installation.

( By EmBoot Incorporated - Network Boot Tools Publisher )

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